BIONET a new form of scientific encounter


Science is art (Albert Einstein) and art is Experience.

The BIOnet idea is to bring researchers together, who experience intuitive knowledge (e.g.Art, Biodanza) and scientists, who measure and describe life. The Scientist inspire the Artist and the artist stimulates the Scientist. This 2 archetypes meets: not outside but inside us. In this way BIOnet integrate body and mind and creates a new form of scientific encounter. It can be done worldwide and is the new paradigm of science.

This integrated new research paradigm of life science points out 3 areas:

1 Quantitave Research about biological Basics of Life in Human Development.

2 Quantitave and empirical research about psychological and educational Basics of Life in Human development.

3 New scientific approaches towards qualitative and experiential intuitive research of life and human development

Area 1 and 2 include all research which is done in medical, educational and psychological life science with experimental and quasi-experimental design and standardized scientific research methods

Area 3 is a contribution towards new paradigms in Science, which express the knowledge either qualitatively or in non-linear language. For this area all Biodanza researchers and Biodanza teachers, but also artists and qualitative researchers, who use nonlinear languages (e.g., poets) are invited to present their art of gaining knowledge about ourselves intuitively inside the nature of life. This pathway could be an inspiration of area 1 and 2.

Within the IBF Research Network (BIOnet) the main coordinators of the Biodanza research or other life research disciplines are Prof. Marcus Stueck and Dr. Alejandra Villegas, who are one of the pioneers of the Biodanza research worldwide, and Prof. Guna Svence (Riga Teacher Management Academy).

Every 2 years there is a conference